Sunday, February 19, 2023

Take the Plunge [DANC]

As we creep closer and closer to 100 interviews on Interesting Though Elementary, I want to give a chance for YOU to choose one of my upcoming interviewees.  

But how to decide who will choose an interview topic?  I'll turn to The Valley of Fear's McMurdo for that:

"It's for charity and good fellowship."

On March 3, I am participating in Special Olympics' Polar Plunge in honor of my daughter's Special Olympics basketball team.  If you are unfamiliar with this event, participants raise money from friends and on a specified date typically run into a cold body of water.  My event is sponsored by my school and we can't bus all of the students out to a local lake, so kids are going to be able to throw water balloons at myself and other staff members.

How does this tie into an interview subject on this blog?

I'm going to run a raffle.  For every $10 donated on my donation page, you will be entered into a randomized drawing.  I will use Google to choose a random number and if you are the winner, I'll contact you to see who you would like to be interviewed in an upcoming blog post.

So, let's recap.  A donation to Special Olympics via the link below provides the following:

1. Supporting a fantastic organization that allows kids with special needs to participate in sporting events.

2. You have a chance of naming an upcoming interview subject on this blog.

3. You support fifth graders throwing water balloons at their teacher.

While it's not quite the same type of plunge that Sherlock Holmes is famous for, I think it's still worthwhile.  Whatever of the three outcomes above you find to be the most alluring, there's something for everyone.  Please consider donating and helping support Special Olympics.  Thanks so much!

Rob Nunn's Polar Plunge Fundraising Page

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