Sunday, April 15, 2018

All Good Comradeship and Friendship

In last week's post, I mentioned briefly that the planning committee for Holmes in the Heartland met to finalize our plans for the weekend. 

Well, those plans are now online!

It was coincidental that the finalized plans went up on the same weekend that 221B Con was happening in Atlanta.  But the excitement of putting our weekend out and getting to see so many Sherlockians having fun down south made me really appreciate this hobby. 

If you look at the schedule for Holmes in the Heartland in the link above, you might notice we left the nights pretty open.  There is a dinner on both Friday and Saturday, but they will end at a decent time so that you could either call it a night, or just be getting your night started.

Friday night's dinner will be a laid back affair at Sugarfire Smokehouse, after a tour next door at The National Blues Museum.  The Blues Museum will have a live band playing that night, so it's set up perfectly for a hang out spot for Friday's participants.

Saturday's dinner will be at Favazza's, a popular Italian restaurant in The Hill neighborhood.  We've booked a room for that night with bar service.  The plan for that night is a standard convention dinner with some great food, but we also wanted to allow for socialization time on Saturday as well.  So when dinner's over, the bar will stay open, and we will bust out some Sherlockian board games for anyone interested.  Solve a mystery, or just hang out!

One of the members of the Holmes in the Heartland planning committee is also a regular 221B Con-goer, and she swears that the socialization is an important part of a Sherlockian convention.  I've only been to two official Sherlockian events myself, Nerve and Knowledge in Indiana and Holmes, Doyle and Friends in Ohio.  While the programming at both of those were excellent, what I wholeheartedly agree with her, as I really enjoyed was hanging out with other Sherlockians at those two events.

And that's what we are hoping for in August.  I'm not promising the full on craziness of 221B Con in St. Louis on August 10-12, but I am promising some built in time for socializing.  So drag some old friends with you, and get ready to meet some new ones.  We're ready to meet you!

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