Monday, May 14, 2018

It Would Be Time For Me To Announce

The day has finally arrived!  Registration for the first ever Holmes in the Heartland opened today and we want YOU to join us in St. Louis on August 10-12!

I've posted about the planning of the conference plenty, but let me just say, that the people putting this thing together are some of the most top notch Sherlockians out there.  Our goal is to create a conference that highlights the new St. Louis Sherlockian Research Collection at the St. Louis Public Library while also creating an event that can bring Sherlockians of all stripes together for some scholarship and socialization. 

Friday night will celebrate our city of St. Louis with The Blues Carbuncle tour of the National Blues Museum and have some 221BBQ at Sugarfire Smokehouse.

Saturday is a day full of Sherlockian scholarship with talks from:
Tim Johnson
Bill Cochran
Tassy Hayden
Don Hobbs
Brad Keefauver
Bill Mason
Mary Schroeder
The Black Knights Fighting Group
And a surprise guest
with dinner following at historic Favazza's Italian restaurant.

Sunday will find us touring the Becker Medical Library to learn about Victorian medicine and capping the weekend off with an afternoon tea at the London Tea Room.

We know that people's travel schedules or budgets allow for different levels of participation, so this weekend is an a la carte menu.  You can choose one, two, or all three days to register for.  The Parallel Case of St. Louis is an open and friendly group of Sherlockians, and we are hoping you'll join us in St. Louis this August for the first of what will hopefully be a long running conference.

Come at once if convenient—if inconvenient come all the same.

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