Sunday, July 8, 2018

It Had Become In Some Way Helpful That I Should Register

I have been spending quite a bit of time on my computer lately working on things for Holmes in the Heartland, happening on August 10-12.  Registration closes in two weeks, and LOTS of emails are being sent, the program is being laid out, registrations are being logged, etc.

And every time I think about Holmes in the Heartland, I either get really excited or have a mild panic attack.

When I see posts like this one about a groundbreaking talk that's being concocting, I'm beyond excited that we will have a great line up of speakers and demonstrations.

Looking at the list of people who have signed up to attend makes me realize that we're going to have a really great group of people at the dinners, social events, and milling about in between Saturday's speakers.

As I was telling my mom about the event this afternoon, it really dawned on me what a nice mix of Sherlockiana and St. Louis we've created.  If I weren't part of The Parallel Case of St. Louis and heard about this conference, I would be VERY interested in checking some of these things out.

And, I know I've said this before but it bears repeating, I really love working with everyone who's been associated with the planning process.  Throwing something of this scale together in just a few months' time has been a true testament to how great everyone on the planning committee is, and how much they want to put on a really great Sherlockian event.

In my mind, all of these things are great.  But I've never been in charge of a large event like this, and my anxiety kicks into overdrive every now and again with this.  Especially now that the end of registration is THIS MONTH.  And we are just over a month away from the actual event.  What have I forgotten to do?  What needs to be followed up on?  What have I not even thought about?  Will the older and younger Sherlockians mesh well?  Did I make a wrong decision along the way in the planning?  What if everyone at the weekend catches some strand of avian flu?

Okay, I admit I let my imagination run away there.

But, man oh man, does Holmes in the Heartland get me excited.  Usually in the good sense, but sometimes in a more neurotic way.

Do you want to help my nervousness?  Sign up to join us!  C'mon, you know you want to...


Blues music!

Sherlockian speakers!

A brand new research collection!

Fight sequences!

A surprise speaker!

Delicious Italian dinner!

Medical history!

Afternoon tea!

And best of all, other Sherlockians to spend the weekend with!

So, make like Holmes in The Engineer's Thumb:  Forego your Bohemian habits so far as to come and visit us!

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