Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Here, There, and Everywhere

I spent an afternoon last week arguing the Sherlockian merits between Cheers, Moonlighting, The Beatles and Elvis. 

This is how I spend my free time.

Tassy Hayden was going through old episodes of Cheers on Netflix and after some "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" style jumps, we ended up in a debate with Brad Keefauver, Ashley Polasek and Howard Ostrom about the Sherlockian worthiness of some random topics. 

Sure, Moonlighting is the only one with an actual Baker Street Irregular in its ranks, Curtis Armstrong, but when I was challenged to find even one member of the Cheers cast that could be considered a Sherlockian, Howard and I both dredged up Roger Rees, who played Kirstie Allie's rich boyfriend in a later season.  He played Holmes in a 1988 BBC Radio version of HOUN and was in two episodes of Elementary in 2012 & 2014.

Keefauver tried saying that Elvis had better Sherlockian bonafides because of a book titled "Elvis, Sherlock and Me."  And that "Hound Dog" tied him to the Baskervilles.  Not the best arguments of the day.

Of course, The Beatles were from England, so there are plenty of little pieces that can be held up for an argument.  But foremost was John Lennon himself, author of the Sherlockian pastiche, "The Singular Experience of Miss Anne Duffield."  And there's this picture:

And this one:

And finally a Sherlockian journal with The Beatles on the cover edited by Keefauver himself!

Mike drop.

After this conversation wrapped up, my daughter was watching American Girl doll videos on YouTube when I heard, "Dad!  Did you know there's a Sherlock Holmes museum!  The American Girl dolls went on a tour of it!

The very next day, this movie poster was released to the internet.

80's television, music icons, kids' YouTube videos and comedy new releases.  If you look hard enough, you really can hear of Sherlock everywhere.

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