Tuesday, August 14, 2018

This We Accomplished

We did it!

The Parallel Case of St. Louis successfully pulled off Holmes in the Heartland last weekend!

It's been over 48 hours since our last event ended, and I'm still amazed at how awesome the weekend was.  We had people from as far away as California, two elementary school kids, a high school student, lots of local Sherlockians, and an impressive array of notable visitors to make for a great weekend.

If you missed the live tweets of the event, The Parallel Case of St. Louis account, Tim Johnson, and Brad Keefauver all kept people informed with their play by plays.

Sherlock Peoria and The Harpooners of the Sea Unicorn's blog also had some great posts about the weekend's events.

And The Parallel Case of St. Louis' blog did a recap each night for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I think because I'm so active on social media and have been promoting it quite a bit, my name has been used more that it should have when people complimented the Holmes in the Heartland event.  I was a small part of a unbelievable planning committee that included Stacey Bregenzer, Nellie Brown, Joe Eckrich, BSI, Randy Getz, Tassy Hayden, Mary Schroeder, ASH, and Paul Schroeder.  These folks put in an insane amount of time, money and energy into this event and deserve every bit of praise that can be heaped on them.

We've received a lot of positive feedback on Holmes in the Heartland and I am SO happy that everyone that joined us enjoyed themselves.  In my mind, Holmes in the Heartland had a lot of purposes, highlight the city of St. Louis, introduce the St. Louis Sherlockian Research Collection to a larger audience outside of our region, present some heartfelt, thought provoking, and entertaining presentations etc.  But one of the most important of them were to create an event where Sherlockians can get together, make new friends, have an excuse to get together with old ones, and have a good time all around.  Judging from the feedback, I think we nailed that last one!

I've also had people ask about our next one.  But let's take a moment to enjoy what we've done.  I promise news about our future plans will come out in due time.  " But you must give me time—you must give me time!"

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