Monday, September 24, 2018

In the Rule of Three

Three quick items this week, covering the past, present and future:

Some of Our Past Results

I've been reading The Sherlock Holmes Scrapbook by Peter Haining this week.

Normally, I am work my way through books at a pretty solid clip, but I'm doling this one out in small doses to allow myself to appreciate the randomness of the collected essays and newspaper stories Haining collected.

I am a fan of scholarly articles and read as much as I can.  But this book has a different feel to it.  There's nothing from the Baker Street Journal or other major Sherlockian publications that I've come across yet, but plenty of writings from other sources.  I can't quite describe the unpredictable nature of this book.  Will the next page have a shaving advertisement featuring Sherlock Holmes, an in-depth look at Eille Norwood's career as Holmes, or an article arguing that Doyle was the model for his most famous creation?  You never can tell with this book, and that's the main reason I'm enjoying it so much.  Here are just a few pictures of what you can find in this collection.


The Present State of the Affair

I've talked about the I Grok Sherlock podcast before, but have another reason to bring it up.  I got to spend a nice time talking with Mike and Geordie for this month's episode!  If you haven't tried this podcast yet, here's a chance to give it a go.

In Any Future Proceedings Which May Arise

Members of the Parallel Case of St. Louis have already started looking at dates for our next Holmes in the Heartland conference, but I've heard plans for two other upcoming conferences in the past day that I'm super excited for as well! 

Some enterprising Sherlockians are in the early stages for planning an inaugural event.  And knowing some of them, I have some VERY high hopes for what they can pull off.  I won't give away any more details because it's not my news to share, but things look exciting out that way...

And, if you attended this year's Holmes, Doyle and Friends conference in Ohio, you just received an email today with their lineup of speakers for 2019.  It's a very nice lineup: Sherlockians I've wanted to meet for years, folks I've been lucky enough to get to know, and names that are new to me. 

The future is bright, folks.  No matter where you live in America, there's an event for you.  Hope to see you at one or more of the upcoming events!

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