Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Sherlockian Road Trip

It all started with Chris Redmond saying hi to Monica Schmidt on Twitter.  What happened after that could only happen on the internet.  

A few weeks ago, this led to me, Curtis Armstrong, Ashley Polasek, Jennifer Liang, Beth Gallego and Brad Keefauver all crashing their friendly exchange and crowdsourcing a new Sherlockian show called Route 221b, or The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Game is Afoot, where Sherlockian road trips would be recorded for like-minded viewers.

Brad noted that this wasn’t the first time it had been done.  In fact, he was part of acohort that traveled to Sherlock Hill in Oklahoma.  But just letting one group wasn’t enough.  We decided to turn it into an Amazing Race style event with different teams competing against each other.  

Imagine it: Canon traditionalists vs. BBC fandom vs. Elementary fans vs. pastiche lovers vs. Brettheads vs. Robert Downey Jr. fans vs. you name it! 

They could crisscross the country: The Great Alkali Plains, the Pennsylvania mining district, a New Jersey opera house, Moriarty, New Mexico, Watson, Oklahoma.

And there could be challenges at each stop: unbending steel pokers, deciphering Dancing Men codes, Baritsu matches, digging a tunnel into a bank vault, a boat chase with dart guns!

But in the end, everyone is a winner.  Because the different teams will learn that even though they came from different backgrounds and starting points in their interest in The Great Detective, and they are all part of the Sherlockian family, just like the random group of us that had fun with the idea.  The eight of us that were bantering back and forth are all from different backgrounds and have our own specific interests within Sherlockiana.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t all bask in the comradery of our hobby.  No matter what your specific niche is in this family, we are all here because of our interest in Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, two men of note who never lived and so can never die.

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