Sunday, June 25, 2017

I am an Omnivorous Reader... or FREE BOOKS!

Everyone knows Brad Keefauver, right?  If not, stop reading this blog and go spend a few hours reading through Sherlock Peoria.

Everyone back now?  Great.

Thursday afternoon, I made the two hour trip from Edwardsville up to Peoria to visit with Brad and his lovely wife, Kathy.  We had a nice dinner where we chatted about everything from Star Trek and comics to Tom Cruise and baseball cards.  Brad, being the generous guy he is, also presented me with a bag full of books that he knew I had on my Sherlockian To Be Read (TBR) list.  I will come back to this gift in a little bit.

We then went to the Peoria Library for their monthly Sherlock Holmes Story Society meeting, where we spent over an hour talking about "The Adventure of the Man with the Twisted Lip."  Some interesting thoughts were bandied about, and you can read about them in detail on Brad's post about the meeting.  But one comment was amazing to me.  In the Sydney Paget drawing of Hugh Boone, it was pointed out that he looks just like Gary Busey!  I will never be able to look at that beggar the same way again.

Gary Busey isn't the main idea of this week's blog post though.  It's about that stack of books that Brad gave me.  Over the past few years, I've built up my collection of Sherlockian books.  Many of them were purchased from Amazon and Ebay, but many generous Sherlockians out there have also gifted me quite a few.  As an omnivorous reader, like the title of this post entails, I'm constantly buying new books, many of them Sherlockian.  This is all of the books and journals I have in my basement waiting for me to read.

Awesome, right?  Look at all the stuff I have to read!  But, I keep ordering new things from Amazon or MX Publishing, so some of those items keep getting pushed further and further back on my TBR list.  So Brad's gift to me last week sparked an idea in my mind: why not use this blog to give away some books myself?

And that's the plan.  Each month, I will give away a few books here to anyone that wants them.  All you have to do is pay for the shipping, and they are all yours.  I don't want money or anything in return, just enjoy your new Sherlockian book.

It will be a first come, first served basis.  So if you like one of the titles I'm giving away this month, post which one you would like in the comments below, and I will arrange for it to be sent to you.

This month's giveaways are:
The Confidential Casebook of Sherlock Holmes by Marvin Kaye
Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Alliance by Larry Millett
The Adventures of Conan Doyle by Charles Higham
Cosmopolitan Crimes: Foreign Rivals of Sherlock Holmes edited by Hugh Greene

As Christopher Morley said, "Never has so much been written by so many for so few," and now it's time to share those writings.


  1. I've read all except Cosmopolitan Crimes. Can recommend all of them! :)


  2. Hello,

    Might The Confidential Casebook be available?


    1. It is and it's all yours! Email me at with your zip code and I will get it sent out!

  3. I am interested in your offer of books . So if you have a list of people you notify when you put out the list please add me to it. I am also the Ron who was on your team for the John H Watson treasure Hunt last year. Are we forming a team again this year. I am willing though why for all the head aches I do not know but how about you? Ron (

    1. There is a link on the right side of the page that allows you to sign up for email notifications when a new blog is posted each week. Thanks!