Tuesday, June 13, 2017

We Are Homely Folk and Do Not Wait for Formal Introductions

I felt that Stapleton's introduction to Watson from The Hound of the Baskervilles was an apt one for this blog because, as the first post in my new blog, I guess I should introduce myself.  My name is Rob Nunn and this blog probably won't be anything earth shattering that requires a formal introduction, just a weekly set of musings on Sherlockian topics.

I am the head of The Parallel Case of St. Louis scion society, and a member of The Noble Bachelors of St. Louis and the Harpooners of the Sea Unicorn.  I've been teaching a unit on Sherlock Holmes to my fifth grade students for the past three years and I've been writing sporadic blog posts for I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere since 2015.  My first post for IHOSE detailed my origins in Sherlockiana and my first scion meeting and can be found here.  I also have an article in the latest issue of the John H. Watson Society Journal, and my first book is coming out this November from MX Publishing, The Criminal Mastermind of Baker Street.

But this blog isn't about self promotion.  It's about Sherlockiana.  Thoughts on the stories, Sherlockian societies, pop culture, and whatever else pops up along the way.  

At this point, it would be tempting to end my post with "The game's afoot!", but that's so overused I'll just say that I hope you'll come back for more while I still seek knowledge at the old university.


  1. Congratulations on your book! P.S. This is Grace

  2. Thanks Grace! Have a great rest of the summer!