Sunday, November 26, 2017

In His Hours of Relaxation

For we Sherlockians in the states, Thursday marked our annual Thanksgiving holiday.  For me, it also coincided with my 38th birthday, and the release of The Criminal Mastermind of Baker Street

For the last few months, it seems like life has been all about this book and it wasn't even out yet!  To see the listing live on Amazon Thursday morning was surreal.  It has been quite a weekend.  Book release, national holiday, birthday, lots of family time, and I finally finished Stranger Things season 2.  I'm wiped out!

So, this week, it's time to stop and take a breather.  The pre-release publicity is done.  In a few days I'll start back up, but today is a day off. 

I've done interviews for blogs, newspapers, websites and podcasts.  Lots of book signings, speeches, and the pleasure of listening to a book I wrote as an audiobook.  I've even gotten a few good reviews along the way.

But this weekend is about being thankful for what you have.  I'm first and foremost thankful for my family.  But this being a Sherlockian blog, I a definitely thankful for the wonderful Sherlockians I've gotten to know.  Sherlockians on the whole are a good bunch of folks.  And we should all take a second to be thankful that our hobby is made up of some very decent folks that we get to spend out time with.

And if those great people decide to add The Criminal Mastermind of Baker Street to their Christmas list?  All the better!

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