Sunday, January 28, 2018

I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere Since You Became His Chronicler

We've been hit with a nice bit of weather in the Midwest this week, so I've been trying to get out with my dog for walks each day to wear down some of her energy.  
Two days after this picture was taken, she ate the pillow.
Yesterday, we took a nice, long walk, and I was able to finally listen to the latest episode of Blue Dot, anl NPR show out of northern California, that featured Scott Monty and Burt Wolder.  Now, if you've followed this blog for a while, you know I'm a fan of podcasts, especially Sherlockian podcasts, and Scott and Burt's offerings are at the top of my favorites list.

I enjoy my weekly dose of Trifles, but their namesake podcast, I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere, is the best show out there, for my money.  Coming out twice a month, IHOSE takes a deep dive into different aspects of our Sherlockian hobby.  The last few episodes alone have covered the gamut of lost radio scripts, the Baker Street Journal Christmas annual, The Junior Sherlockian Society, a major collection going up for auction, and a new pastiche.  

Scott and Burt have a relaxed yet professional demeanor on the air and their bonafides in the Sherlockian world are unquestionable.  Listening to their interviews with a different Sherlockian of note each episode always leads to an interesting discussion and things I wasn't aware of before listening.  

But if you're reading a Sherlockian blog, you are probably well aware of IHOSE.  What I really enjoyed about the episode of Blue Dot was hearing the tables turned on the IHOSE hosts.  In an hour long interview, we got to hear their Sherlockian origins, how their friendship grew, and their thoughts on different Sherlockian topics.  Towards the end of the interview, host Dave Schlom asked them for their immediate opinions of certain canonical characters.  I was pretty pleased with myself when I had some of the same responses to the names thrown out.

And that got me to thinking: that's what keeps most of us coming back to our hobby of Sherlockiana.  Whether its scion meetings, conferences, or online discussions, being a Sherlockian is not a solitary habit.  Sure, you can read the Canon, write fanfiction, or watch movies all on your own, but don't most of us want to talk about it with people of a similar ilk?  

I love meeting other Sherlockians, whether they are seasoned veterans with lots of stories to share or folks new to the fold that are just dipping a toe in, and almost all of them have been good people.  I was talking with another member of the Holmes in the Heartland planning committee last weekend and said that I'm definitely looking forward to the speeches and demonstrations we are lining up, but I'm most looking forward to spending time with other Sherlockians.  Because Sherlockians are good folks.

P.S. A follow up from last week's post:  I got my Burger King toy.  The jury is still out on if I will check out the movie.

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