Sunday, June 17, 2018

If You Would Kindly Go Over It All Again

Before I get to this week's topic, we are less than two months away from Holmes in the Heartland!  If you haven't registered yet,  you can do so HERE.  If you're interested, but can't commit yet, we have a Facebook event page where you can keep up to date on speakers and participants.

I'm on vacation this week, but I didn't want to miss a post.  So, I wanted to revisit some of my favorite blog posts from the past year.

Sherlockian Imprinting
A recollection of my early interest in Sherlockiana and wondering why some versions stick with me over others.

I Tried to Puzzle It Out
My very favorite post I've ever had.  I found a way to share my love of Sherlockiana with my daughter over the course of a couple of days.

Listen to This, Mister Holmes!
A rundown of some of my favorite Sherlockian things to listen to.

Light Houses, My Boy!  Beacons of the Future!
Each year, I get to spend two weeks teaching my fifth grade students about Sherlock Holmes, and it is the best part of the school year!

An Open Letter to Stephen Moffatt
With over 6,000 reads, this post really blew up!  By far my most popular post, I still stand by how much I don't want another season of Sherlock.

Interesting Interviews: Beth Gallego
I really love doing the Interesting Interviews each month.  There are so many great Sherlockians out there and I love giving them a platform to talk about their interests.  Beth was my very first interview and a great one.

I Am a Sherlockian
Who's a Sherlockian?  We all are.  And we should encourage everyone to join us.  Plus, Ashley Polasek reaffirms why she should be the queen of the Sherlockians.

See you next week!

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