Thursday, May 28, 2020

When I Look Back On It [CARD]

I got a wonderfully surprising Facebook message the other day.  Someone I had sent an interview request to back in September of last year saw my message once she loosened up her security settings and reached out to me after all this time!

That got me thinking about all of the cool people that have graced this blog over the past two years.  I feel like I've barely scratched the surface of interesting Sherlockians but looking at the list it's quite a good collection of names!

March 2018: Beth Gallego

April 2018: Brad Keefauver

May 2018: Carlina De La Cova

June 2018: Vicki Delaney

July 2018: Ray Betzner

September 2018: Ashley Polasek

October 2018: Vincent Wright

November 2018: Leah Guinn

December 2018: Shannon Carlisle

January 2019: Curtis Armstrong

February 2019: Leslie Klinger

March 2019: Lyndsay Faye

April 2019: Michael Kean

May 2019: Heather Holloway

June 2019: Mattias Bostrom

July 2019: Tassy Hayden

August 2019: Liza Potts

September 2019: Peter Blau

October 2019: Dan Andriacco

December 2019: Scott Monty

January 2020: Elinor Gray

February 2020: Bob Katz

March 2020: Monica Schmidt

April 2020: Susan Rice

May 2020: Burt Wolder

Who are some people you'd like to see interviewed here in the future?  Send me an email or leave a name in the comments of some folks that should be added.  I have a good sized wish list, but am always looking to talk with more Sherlockians.  In fact, I have so many I want to get to, my goal is to do two interviews per month over the summer.  There are just so many great Sherlockians out there!


  1. You can interview me, the non-Sherlockian Sherlockian

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